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Terms & Conditions

  1. The overall aim of these awards is to recognise and celebrate the success of businesses and professionals within the Food To Go Industry across Northern Ireland. These awards are designed to be inclusive and accessible and will be presented at a gala dinner to be held in the Crowne Plaza Belfast on Tuesday 19th November 2024.

  2. Awards will be available for each of the categories as detailed on this website

  3. To enter Awards – select the category you wish to enter (you can enter as many as you want.) and click ‘Enter Here’ which will bring you to the Awards Platform. Fill in Your Details and then answer the questions in that category. Press submit your entry. Please also upload a high res version logo for use on the Awards evening. 

  4. The awards are open to all businesses in the NI Food To Go Industry but with the following restrictions:

    • Sponsors cannot enter the award which they are sponsoring.

    • By entering into the awards you are agreeing to attend or send a representative to the award ceremony should you be shortlisted as a finalist on Tuesday 19th November 2024.

  1. Please include the name of your Food To Go Establishment as this will be used for referencing your submission on the Awards evening and in other supporting material.

  2. Entries which do not meet the format may be excluded from the competition. Only submissions entered on the online platform will be accepted.

  3. The judging panel may rely on published information and facts that are in the public domain when considering entries. Short-listed businesses may be asked to provide confirmation of claims made.

  4. The opinion of the judging panel in all matters will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  5. Judges will not allow personal relationships or experiences to influence judging marks or decisions and their judging will be impartial and based on the standard of entry, campaign, organisation or product.

  6. Judges will declare any perceived conflict of interest to the event organisers ahead of reading any entries.

  7. All judging discussions are confidential and will not be shared or discussed with anyone outside of the judging panel ahead of the ceremony or thereafter.

  8. Judges will not share confidential material, judging papers or entries with anyone outside of the judging panel.

  9. Judges will securely delete all judging materials immediately after the judging period or give materials to the NI Food To Go Awards team who will manage this.

  10. Food To Go Establishments may enter as many of the award categories as they wish but they may only make one entry in each category by emailing a word document or PDF submission for that category as different judges make be judging difference categories.

  11. In the unlikely situation where a category is not deemed to be viable the organisers reserve the right to cancel that category without prior notice.

  12. Due to the significant volume of entries - feedback on entries unfortunately cannot be given

  13. Only the shortlisted list of finalists will be notified. 

  14. In submitting your awards entry, you are giving permission for the data in your entry to be used to receive our awards ezine, viewed by our judges’, used on the awards evening and/or in post PR media releases – please ensure you highlight in the category award submission if any information provided is confidential.

  15. If a category has a substantial amount of entries judges may subdivide the category

  16. All Personal Data is processed and stored securely, for no longer than is necessary in light of the reason(s) for which it was first collected. We will comply with our obligations and safeguard your rights under the GDPR at all times. 

  17. There will be a professional photographer and video production taking place during the event on Tuesday 19th November 2024. Attendees consent to filming and sound recording as members of the audience. Photographs taken at the event are the intellectual property of NI Food To Go Awards and its event partners and will be such used in promotion and marketing post-event.

  18. Tickets and Cancellations - Cancellations are permitted 28 days or more in advance of the NI Food To Go Awards. Organisers of the NI Food To Go Awards regrets that no cancellations are acceptable 28 days prior to the event date, and therefore no refunds are payable after this point. However, a substitute delegate or guest can be nominated in replacement. All requests for cancellations or substitutions must be made in writing to Where circumstances force cancellation of the event in its entirety, Organisers of the NI Food To Go Awards will offer a full refund to each paying guest within 28 days of the cancellation. Full payment for event ticket sales are strictly 7 days from invoice date or 7 days in advance of the event date, whichever is sooner.

  19. Entries must be received no later than 5 pm on Friday 6th September 2024

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